Yellow cars aren’t very common, however, if you put attention to them and make the effort to look for them you’ll be amazed at how many you see.

When I was a kid and our family would take road trips, my Dad used to have us look for yellow cars to keep us busy (to shut us up) and pass the time.

I was really good at it and made certain I’d count more than my sister (I was a little competitive) although I’m still not completely sure she cared that much.

Interestingly, not only would I count more Yellow Cars than her, I would continue to see Yellow Cars for days to follow.

I realize now, that what I was doing was training my brain to focus on Yellow Cars. And when I focused on them, they’d show up. I had programmed a new habit that has stuck with me ever since…I still see Yellow Cars everywhere!

This concept led me to further research, which concluded, if we can do it with Yellow Cars, why not anything else?

And low and behold, in golf, for example, when you focus on something like bunkers or water hazards the ball tends to go there…yet when you only see fairways and greens, the game seems easy and low scores follow.

In hockey, when you put attention to a goal scoring slump, the slump continues and so do your struggles, but when you focus on past successes and see yourself having more of those, the slump dissipates and the puck starts going in again.

And in business, when you focus on the bad behaviour of an employee, your attitude towards them gets worse, yet when you look only at the positive attributes of that person, the bad behaviour disappears.

I want to challenge you to look for Yellow Cars this week. Whether on your way to work or school, to the golf course, the rink, or the field for practice, look for Yellow Cars.

Look for Yellow Cars, in parking lots, look for Yellow Cars on the street, even look for Yellow Cars in peoples driveways. And see how many Yellow Cars you see in a week. (I even encourage you to keep track and send me your findings).

Then, after seeing how quickly and easily Yellow Cars appear, determine what it is in your golf game, on the rink or in your life that you’d like to attract more of. Maybe it’s more fairways, or better ball striking. Or maybe it’s more scoring chances, a better mark in an English class or a solid relationship with a co-worker. Whatever it might be put the same effort in as you do for the Yellow Cars. When you do, you’ll be surprised at the results.

“What you focus on you attract” That’s the Yellow Car Philosophy.

Michael White,
Mental Fitness Coach